A Legend for a Soulmate

Of Soulmates, Legends, other lifetimes and unconditional love
From Merlin to the River Rhine
From Ancient Egypt, Crete and the Roman Empire to medieval Germany and 20th Century England

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The Lorelei Rock, Rhine River, Germany"Remembering Lorelei" is not just another book about Soulmates, it is unique, the Legend connection ensures that.

Besides, apart from a few books of anecdotes, there are only three books on the subject of Soulmates; certainly in the narrative style:

"The Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach, his Autobiography, including Richard's meeting with his Soulmate, Leslie Parrish.

"One" by Richard Bach, a novel which includes Leslie.

"Only Love is Real" by Dr Brian Weiss
, about two of his clients who had lived many lives together.

That is quite apart from what Soulmates really are, which many, most people, misunderstand because the term "Soulmate" is used erroneously where "Kindred Spirit", those with a strong affinity for each other, is more appropriate.

The Soulmate relationship is far beyond that, highly spiritual, transcending time and space, let alone mere physical lifetimes.

As far as "Remembering Lorelei" is Concerned, to that needs to be added the story who, as an extremely powerful Healer, which she still is, became a German Legend.

An important connection arose after the time period covered by the book, that between Lorelei and my wife, Jo; initially when Lorelei helped Jo through a major operation. Jo and Lorelei are, as Lorelei put it, "Celestial Sisters", that is Soul Sisters, extremely closely related at the Soul Family level. My relationship with Jo is the same at the Soul level but inhibited, attenuated, by our physical bodies.

There is no clash in our relative situations; no competition, not rivalry, no petty human traits, never was, in fact, because I needed a strong partner in this lifetime and Lorelei recommended Jo. We are part of a large family, in the Soul sense, working for each other rather than against. No physical world jealousies; quite the reverse.

How to present all of this was discussed among several of us, including my Business Advisor, Sylvie, my Editor/Proof Reader, and my Healer Colleagues. Holding back on the revelation of Jo's relationship with Lorelei until a potential sequel was not an option; too many people, everyone really, would get the wrong impression..

Hence, it was decided that, although the fact that Jo is Lorelei's Soul Sister arose well after the period covered by the text of "Remembering Lorelei", that should go up front to avoid misunderstandings on relationships, though Earthbound thinking was always going to have problems with it.

As far as the book, in general, is concerned, the following comments were received from Barbara Ford-Hammond (;, an experienced Regression Therapist, in July 2006, prior to publication:

"I am loving the book so far - beautifully written. I feel it is called A Legend for a Soulmate as that sentence leapt of the page and practically slapt me!

Thank you for sharing it.

Wishes of success.


Barbara Ford-Hammond is the author of "Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging your Past and Future", Mirage Publishing ( in which Lorelei and I feature, along with Sylvie Lucas ( and Andrea Wren ( The book also contains Lorelei's comments on Andrea's regression, which she provided at Barbara's request.