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This is one of those occasions when it is easiest, or best, to start somewhere other than the beginning and with a single statement; the explanation follows.

Jo, my wife and love of this life, is, in the Soul Family sense, Lorelei’s Sister, her Soul Sister, or, as Lorelei, herself put it, Celestial Sister. The straightforward logic being, as well as the reality, as it happens, is that Jo is my Earthbound Soulmate

There is no competition, rivalry, physical world type base feelings and jealousies; that is not how these matters work; though it takes knowledge that is beyond most people in the physical world to understand that. Unfortunately, there are people who put their own weird and wonderful, sometimes not so wonderful, spin, on their perception of the relationships.

Other members of our Soul Family aside, the most appropriate ay to see Jo, Lorelei and I is as one would the vertices, or sides, of an equilateral trial; every one equal.

The nature of the relationship began to become clear in the mid-1990s when Jo went into St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth, for a major operation, a hysterectomy.

I drove Jo, from our home, in Havant, to St Mary’s early on a Wednesday morning. It was almost one o’clock before matters were sorted out and I left for home. I did not know what time Jo’s operation would be, only that it would be, was likely to be, near the end of the list for that day.

Not long after returning home, I went upstairs to lay on the bed and be with Jo my way, including in a Healer sense. Except for a brief interruption from a neighbour, who was enquiring after Jo, I stayed there all afternoon.

What happened then took me completely by surprise; I had not thought to ask for any help but it came, was given, anyway, in a most spectacular way..

The scene I saw, before me, was of Jo, on her back with a mostly green background. Lorelei stood in front of her, over her, just beyond her feet, her hands held out in front of her, palms towards Jo. Intense white light was streaming out of the palms of both of Lorelei’s hands, like a pair of laser beams, each over an inch in diameter, and straight into Jo.

Lorelei had used her “trademark” pink light, many times, while we involved in Healing together. However, for Jo it was the white, Spiritual white, as many people see during spiritual experiences, such a NDEs. That white light is something I had been privilege to see on a small number of occasions previously; it is unmistakable.

The scene lasted for three quarters of an hour, from about three o’clock until a quarter to four.

Then it changed as Lorelei sat down, leaning back, with her hands in her lap and a satisfied look on her face, near Jo and with a pink cloud enveloping both of them; for what appeared to be the less intense phase, Lorelei reverted to her usual energy colour. That lasted another three quarters of an hour until about half past four.

I ‘phoned the Hospital at six o’clock, the time the staff had suggested, and was told that I could go to see Jo but that she would not be awake. When I arrived at 7.00 p.m. she was awake, just, though, obviously, still very much under the influence of the anaesthetic, quite apart from any after effects of the energies I had seen.

On the way home I called to see Valerie, a friend of Jo’s, to tell her how Jo was getting along. During a conversation in Valerie’s flat, having told her everything I had seen happen, I said that, although many people thought there was a competition, saw competition, between a physical world wife and a discarnate Soulmate, there was none and, as far as the present circumstances were concerned, what had just happened, Lorelei treated Jo more like a sister.

There was an immediate response, correction, from Lorelei in the form of the words, “Celestial Sister”.

Although the general import of the words were clear, for reasons I have never really understood, it was a few years before I made the connection between “Celestial Sister” and “Soul Sister”, the terms begin equivalent. Jo and Lorelei are true sisters in the Soul Family sense.

On another visit to Valerie’s, while Jo was in hospital, I recalled an incident in the Charity Shop where both Jo and Valerie helped out at the time. I had called in to see Jo and Valerie was feeling very down. While talking to Valerie, Lorelei was standing next to me and I was asked to make a suggestion to Valerie, that she hold out her hand to my left, as if she were about to shake hands with someone. Valerie was intrigued enough to do just that, whereupon, as she later described, she felt a beautiful, warm, relaxed feeling from her waist to the top of, just above, her head.

As I drove towards Valerie’s flat I thought about the effects of Valerie’s “handshake” with Lorelei and the energies involved, surmising that the white light I saw Lorelei sending into Jo during the operation, was about a hundred times what Valerie had felt.

Again an immediate response, “A hundred and twenty times, actually.”

So, the level of energy that had produced, effectively, instant relief and warm, beautiful feelings for Valerie, had, at a twenty percent higher level, been poured into Jo for forty-five minutes; plus the gently pink cloud incident afterwards, for a similar length of time.

On the Thursday, the day after Jo’s operation, when I went to see her she was still, predictably, groggy from the anaesthetic.

On the Friday, a little after midday, as I walked down the ward, I saw Jo, off to the right, sitting up in bed, with a book propped on her knee.

As I got closer, Jo looked up, and greeted me with a cheery,

“Hiya, you’ve got a new woman.”

It was fantastic to see and here her that much better.

In fact, it transpired she had been out of bed quite early that morning and treated herself to a shower, less than forty-eight hours after the operation.

I went o see Jo again on the Saturday, then, on the Sunday morning, I had a ‘phone call, it was Jo. She asked me to go to pick her up from the Hospital, she was coming home.

Jo was home by about one o’clock, soon afterwards, went upstairs and washed her hair. She treated herself to a bath every day thereafter, for the next week, at least, and managed completely on her own in that respect.

From later conversations with Jo, I learned that she was on her way to the operating Theatre just before three o'clock. The timings fitted. Lorelei had been with Jo from the beginning of the operation.