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Jo and I moved from Byfleet, Surrey, to the South Coast in 1983.

We have found it a very pleasant area in which to live, in most respects, though it has become busier over the years. Even so, it is not as crowded as the Weybridge, Addlestone, Byfleet area, in Surrey, where we had lived for several years.

The South of England has a large Tourism Industry, which is justified as the area has much to commend it; everything from historical attractions, to beaches, significant to major theatres, country parks, the South Downs, the New Forest and so on.

Havant is an odd place, attractive in many ways but a badly run Borough; good for visits but atrocious for setting up business, though that goes beyond just Havant; Sussex, Surrey, Devon, etc., would be better bets.

Havant has a long history, going back before Roman times. There is a small Museum, though that is under threat due to cuts in Council Funding.

At the centre of the Town is St Faith Church, which featured prominently in the latter part of the story of Lorelei and I.

There is also the perennial problem of transport. The roads are quite congested, though that, of course, varies with the time of day. Rail travel from London and along the coast is easy and all trains stop at Havant.

Parking in Havant is limited or difficult due to poor planning. A large part of Havant was more like a building site, from the summer 2006, thanks to a large retail development, which went ahead despite Residents' wishes. As of spring 2007, that situation is improving, though here is a long way to go.

Parts of the centre of Havant have been brightened up to some extent, thanks to a grant from the "livability Fund".

Overall, Havant is quite a good place to live and to visit. it is a pity that it is so badly run. The residents deserve rather better than the current crop of people in charge, though that has been little different for the last decade or more.